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Common Mistakes You Should Avoid During Your Local Move

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It is quick and easy to forget or over-think certain things as you move. Even if you're just moving to a new town, there are many mistakes waiting to happen that could make things more complicated. Written below are common mistakes one should avoid during a local move, and some tips and insights on how to avoid them:

1. Not having a plan for the move: Not taking some time to plan for a major event in your life is often a bad idea. Together with your household make a list of all tasks that should be done before, during, and after the move. Do not forget things such as disconnecting utilities like electricity, packing, and cleaning the house before and after the packing process. A good plan can help reduce the probable problems that could arise during the relocation.

2. Hiring the relocation company with the lowest rate: Making a local relocation does not mean that you must be too frugal with regards to choosing a removalist. Do not make the big mistake of leaving the relocation in the hands of people who don't really care about your property and won't handle them as if those were their own.

3. Underestimating the amount of items you are moving: If you're contracting out a professional mover, they will have to know how much things you're supposed to move so they will bring the right size of truck. This is helpful if the moving company will not visit your place to assess your belongings before the scheduled day of the move. They need to know how many large furniture and appliances you have to relocate. Also, if you have an idea of what you have to move, you'd be able to estimate the amount of money you need for the move.

4. Poor labels on boxes: Having unclear labels or no labels could surely make the moving process a lot more complicated. So it is necessary to have clear and legible labels on the boxes. You don't like to take extra time to move boxes around to different rooms once you have everything inside your new house.

5. Having the relocation company do the packing: Take note that relocation companies normally charge a certain fee for every box. If you like to save money, get free boxes from grocery stores. Do the packing yourself to save more. Also, packing them yourself ensures that you know where your items are and that they are all stowed away securely.

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