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Why we Must Make use of Natural Probiotic Vitamins in 2014

Friday, October 3, 2014

The disappointing truth is that 20 years back, taking supplements was something only sick people did. That is since 20 years ago our milk really was milk and not loaded with hormones. The very same can be said for red meat and poultry also. And then of course there's the vegetables. The days, it is virtually impossible to find real organic, farm grown, fresh from the earth vegetables. If you're not sure about your vegetables and fruit, then do a little experiment by taking an apple and leaving it out on the kitchen counter on a side plate. Just leave it there. Start by taking an image of the apple on the first day, and continue to do this at least once a month for as long as it takes for the apple to actually go bad. Remember of how long it really takes for the apple to rot, and you'll be horrified to see it probably takes anywhere from eight months to a year, and in some cases possibly longer, for it to go bad. This is because our fruit and vegetables have been genetically altered to such an extreme extent, that to start with, that only do they taste like the way they are supposed to taste anymore, and secondly, they can not go bad. That's pretty darn scary if you consider it, because we have to consume the stuff, feed it to our households and youngsters, and we expect to stay healthy?

There's no way this can be good for us, and this is why we are forced to take supplements. Because our food can not provide us with the nutrients and vitamins anymore, and why ladies, we suffer more often these days with the inconvenience and unpleasantness of yeast infections which force us to take probiotics more regularly, practically on a daily basis, simply to remain healthy.

In this terrific new age that we live in, it is ending up being a growing number of obvious that we have to take nutritional supplements every single day, in order to remain healthy. While taking supplements is an advantage, this does not always mirror well on the food industry since this indicates that we are not getting the nutrients that we need from the food that we buy, prepare, cook and consume, and naturally feed our households.

Nowadays it is virtually traditional for many people to take a day-to-day supplement (which is a general multivitamin, generally in a gel capsule kind), vitamins C tablets, calcium supplements and naturally Omega 3 supplements. In many cases, many particularly with the ladies, we also need take probiotic supplements also, because face it ladies, we are vulnerable to unpleasantly yeast infections from time to time. Taking a probiotic supplement definitely assists keep such unpleasantness at bay.

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