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Loop Band Set for Exercise. Quality Bands Sculpt Your Body.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I had actually seen loop bands used in the fitness center but never ever felt urged to choose any up and try them. I thought that they could not give me the sort of extreme exercise I was seeking. I was so wrong.

I was introduced to Ox Power Bands last summer season. I was operating on the lakefront while playing frisbee with my little girl when, at complete speed, I stepped into a hole about 24 inches deep with my right leg. That leg made it through untouched, but the left leg got captured in an unnatural position under me and I would up tearing my quad tendon and meniscus. With the miracles of modern-day surgery I was all cleaned up and glued back together but then the genuine work started in physical therapy.

After a few sessions the therapist handed me an Ox Power Band and said "This is what is going to get you back in shape". We used them for Lateral Shuffles, Squats, Monster Walks, Side Leg Raises, Leg Extensions, and Leg Lifts. With the Ox Power Bands we worked my quads, hamstrings, glutes, abductors, and adductors.

I found these bands to be resilient, flexible, portable, and an excellent addition to my overall fitness plan. I strongly suggest Ox Power Bands.

The Secret To Strong, Toned, Sexy, Legs and Arms!.
Get The Body of your Dream.
When you close your eyes can you envision a brand-new and improved you? Fit? Stronger? Toned? Or have you been hurt or just recently had surgery that is needing rehab? The OX Power Bands can assist you attain your objectives. Our loop bands supply you a flexible elastic resistance trainer. Perfect for toning Legs, Hips, Shoulders, Arms, and Core.
Why OX Resistance Bands?
All elastic trainers offer the very same benefits. Portability, ease of use, etc. At OX we set out to address the primary issues connected with loop bands - quality and size:.

OX provides the highest quality bands from a proven manufacturer checked to rigorous standards.
OX's "Light" bands are perfect for newbies or those rehabbing from injury.
OX Power Bands are 12" GROWNUP sized bands..

Exactly what Do You Get?

Four Ox Power Bands with 4 levels of resistance.
A Handy Mesh Storage Bag.
** BONUS ** Lower Body Workout Routine with Every Order.

The OX Warranty..
Its simple. If you are not ENTIRELY SATISIFIED return them for a FULL NO TROUBLE REFUND. This is a Life time 100 % Warranty. We enjoy our clients and are dedicated to your contentment..
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