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Worlds First!World Premiere of the Light Up Medicine Cup for KidsChildren & AdultsAny Patients!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Introducing the Worlds 1st!.... Light Up Medicine Cup(tm). There are instances when you have to give your patient medicine numerous instances in the middle of the night. When rest is so critical, turning on a harsh bright light to administer needed medicines is just plain annoying and disruptive to the patient who desperately needs to sleep!

With the Light Up Medicine Cup, in no way unnecessarily fully wake your kid or any patient once more by turning on bright overhead/side lights. This ingenious new light up medicine cup makes it possible for you to study medicine bottles,pour the appropriate dosage and administer medicine in the dark.

No more waking up your kid or any patient to fully administer medicine. The Light Up Medicine cup light has just adequate light to facilitate administering medicine. But the light is not so bright, that it wakes up your patient or anyone around them. Tip: You can even additionally shade the light by employing your hand to shield any unwanted light from your patient or the surrounding places.
Straightforward to use:
1. Just click the bottom rubber sealed button twice to activate light.
2.Simply study medicine label directions.
3. Pour the appropriate dose correctly with our extremely visible & precise measuring marks. (Max 3 tsp or 15ML)
4. Administer to patient.
5. Patient dozes back off to sleep, not woken by harsh overhead or night table light!

Secure & Reputable Construction: - Constructed from BPA styrene acrylic and graduated with *lead free ink. This medicine cup can be washed on the prime rack of the dishwasher or very easily washed by hand.
- Comes with three replaceable and low-cost LR41/AG3 button batteries. - (2) Light up Medicine cups per package. - 1 year warranty from companies defects. -*Ink complies with 16 CFR 1303 and the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008(CPSIA)

Light-up Medicine cups (tm) 2 Pack-Worlds 1st Light up Medicine cups. Administer Liquid Medicine in the Dark to your Adult Sufferers or Kids! With this Illuminated Medicine Dispensing Cup you can Study Labels,Pour Liquids Accurately & Administer Medicines with no Extra room light.

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