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bodyWares Heart Rate Monitor, Calorie Counter, Exercise Tracker & Sport Watch - WATCH YOUR BODY!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why Heart Rate Monitors?!

Heart rate monitoring is important for safe and efficient exercise performance. Your heart rate during exercise is a sign of aerobic conditioning, perfect training level and effort level. Aerobic conditioning relates to how effectively your heart, lungs and circulatory system supply your body with the oxygen and other nutrients it has to remain active. Throughout any type of exercise, your body's needs increase. Monitoring your heart rate is a simple method to evaluate your body's capability to fulfill those increased needs.

Are you tired of taking a look at heart rate monitors or physical fitness sport watches with complex functions you never utilize?! Take a look at the brand-new bodyWares HRM Fit Series heart monitor and fitness watch with a stylish design, crisp display and simple yet terrific functions for ALL your training needs.

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The "bodyWares" Difference:

Item Highlights:
Offers practical monitoring and tracking during all forms of exercise. Regardless of your lifestyle, its a best companion for your workout schedule and helps track heart rate, calories and workout period.

Additional Benefits:
- Smart function remembers workout information to reveal exercise time, heart rate (max/%), calories burned and workout period
- Water resistant watch/belt (approximately 30m/10m) with batteries included *.
- Best in class 1-Year Restricted Guarantee and Replacement Service **.
* Batteries estimated to last 1 year on 1 hr/day and frequency of use.

Included In-the-Box:.
- 1x bodyWares HRM Fit Series Watch.
- 1x Chest Belt Strap (with built-in sensing unit).
- 2x CR-2032 Batteries (1EA in belt/watch).
- User-friendly Guide with Quick Start suggestions.

Best Limited Guarantee:
** bodyWares provides you with the very best client care throughout its items. By default, Thirty Days return policy applies from amazon with an additional 60 days from us. Plus, we will replace your watch/belt/battery (over ANY production defects) within 1 year from date of purchase.