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UberTech's Amazing LED Headlight - Perfect and Tough LED Headlamp

Thursday, January 1, 2015

If you are anything like me you probably have a lot of headlamps already someplace in the shed or garage or den. Some were fantastic on the first day however failed quickly. Some were dreadful right from the first day however you just didn't get around to sending them back. Possibly because they just cost a few bucks and returning them would have been too costly and too much inconvenience.

I've been a devoted hiker and biker and explorer of the outdoors since Boy Scouts and one essential piece of equipment is a dependable, durable and effective headlamp. Be it day or night when you venture out your headlamp or flashlight is among your crucial bits of kit. Comfort, confidence and security is valued when you understand you have the ideal equipment.

The quality of the headlamp is essential. The UberTech UT160 is a high lumen, versatile LED headlamp at an exceptional cost. At this cost mark you typically end up with one of those headlamps destined to be stashed in a draw someplace and deserted until the batteries leak and ultimately end up in the garbage.

UberTech have focused on what is important to us all. A basic switch system that removes the need to scroll through loads of light settings to get to the wanted one. Both red (night vision) and white lights including emergency SOS and strobe effect settings. A long lasting and water-proof casing. Comfy and strong woven head-strap. And obviously at over 160 lumen a very, very bright beam easily illuminating in excess of 100 yards.

So if you are a devoted hiker or biker, nocturnal jogger, caving lover or mountain climber - or just taking the canine out for exercise at night you will not be left in the dark by UberTech LED headlamps.

All these functions and benefits backed by a life time warranty and posted quickly by Amazon directly to your door at an unbelievable price. What more can you need? See the light!

Check this out at headlamp/

A little Error That Might Leave You in The Dark

Quality over cost any time - Do not be left in the dark by inferior headlamps

- 3 AAA batteries included -carry spares and never get caught by a rechargeable headlamp failing
- Stay safe and stumble free in the dark
- Make certain your headlamp is water-proof -being soaked and left in the dark is even worse!

Your UberTech high lumen headlamp will not let you down.

Waterproof - Ranked as IPX6 efficient in standing up to high pressure water from all directions. German and British design and innovation brings this trusted, lightweight and versatile headlamp to the market. Feel positive when you go out during the night whether you are running, cycling, walking, fishing, taking the dog for exercise and even on a night hike, climb or caving. You can trust your Uber Tech headlamp to provide exceptional all round performance from the high quality Cree LED white light and red light options(with strobe effect and SOS signalling). Each color light controlled simply with their own button so no scrolling through several settings to obtain the wanted light. Not only can you trust your headlamp in the wettest weather conditions but it is also strong and durable and has been drop tested from two meters on to rock tiled ground. It even survives camping trips with the Boy Scouts!

Lifetime Guarantee

- If your headlamp is malfunctioning we will change it totally free of charge
- No Quibble
- No Headache

And for a Restricted Time only you can have our bonus present complimentary too

- Our Free guide: 25 best day hikes in the USA

SO do not get left in the dark. Strike the orange 'ADD TO CART' button on Amazon and we will deliver direct from Amazon in the US to your door, even by Prime if you are a Prime customer. What have you got to lose? If you think the Uber Tech headlight is not as excellent as we say then it's cash back time.That's our promise.