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Crescendo Athletics Knee Sleeve - the Ultimate Knee Brace for Cardio, Weightlifting, Basketball, & Running

Friday, February 13, 2015

The high-density, durable 4mm neoprene gives you support and stability; yet the smooth, shaped fit allows It to be worn inconspicuously underneath clothing.

It supports the knee joint for just about any sports and athletic activities, including: gym fitness training, weightlifting, running, basketball, Crossfit, martial arts, cycling, hiking, track sports, and much more!

These knee braces also offer superior comfort. They are anatomically built to remain secure, providing compression and warmth not only while taking part in fitness activities, but also during lengthy sessions of inactivity (such as sitting on a plane or at a desk), and the flat seam design alleviates abrasion

And lastly, they are also environmentally-friendly, officially certified and compliant: Eco-Friendly, 100% Latex-Free Composition Certified and Approved CE, FDA and EC REP.

If you're one of the many people who suffers from an athletic knee injury, or just plain old aging, you might find yourself needing a compression knee sleeve.

Knee braces are SUPPOSED to provide your knee with support, helping you to continue with athletic activities, or just worry-free walking.

Finding a quality compression sleeve can be tough and low-quality sleeves are uncomfortable and ineffective.

Thankfully Crescendo Athletics offers a high density and high performance Knee Sleeve to top the rest.

Here are some of the most common complaints about knee sleeves and how Crescendo Athletics' Knee Compression Sleeve overcomes them:

They're Too Thin/ Rip Easily - Low-quality knee sleeves that are too thin will often tear, but Crescendo Athletics' Knee Sleeve is manufactured out of a high density neoprene that won't rip or tear.

Inadequate Support - When the sleeve is too thin it won't provide enough compression. High density neoprene such as that used to make Crescendo Athletics' Knee Sleeve provides all the support you need.

Too Bulky/ Uncomfortable - People don't always need to wear their knee sleeve while in gym shorts. Sometimes you need it just to walk around. If it's too bulky, it won't fit comfortably underneath your clothing. Also, eventually, it will get sweaty and uncomfortable. Crescendo Athletics' Knee Sleeve is constructed from 4mm neoprene. That is thin enough to be very discrete and easily fit underneath your clothing while providing powerful support.

Chafes - If it's not designed properly, your knee sleeve may be awkwardly shaped and chafe your skin. Crescendo Athletics' knee sleeve sports a state of the art design that will never rub your skin wrong.

Loosens or Sags After Extended Use - Knee sleeves that are not high density enough will stretch out of shape and eventually droop and sag off. Crescendo Athletics' High Performance Knee Sleeve provides elasticity and strength that will never ride low or loosen.

This knee sleeve is perfect for protecting your ACL and precious joints from injury when you play sports or work out.

Crossfitters, power lifters, basketball players and runners love this knee sleeve, and you will too!

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