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Kozy 7800mAh Rechargeable Hand Warmer - A Powerful Warmer for an Affordable Price

Friday, February 13, 2015

Every so often, you stumble across a product that absolutely impacts your daily life in a positive way. That' what happened to me when I found out about the Kozy rechargeable hand warmer! I'm a sportsman that ends up enjoying as much time as possible outdoors in the fall, winter, and spring.

I've tried out about everything to help keep my hands and fingers warm; gloves(way too cumbersome), disposable warmers(what a joke), rechargeable warmers(not strong enough to get very warm or maintain a charge long). Then, for my birthday, my wife got me a Kozy. Wow! The warmth lasts for hours and boy does it get hot.

Since I'm a huge fan of Amazon, I purchased an additional and received it within a couple of days. I now keep a Kozy in each jacket pocket as I'm camping, hunting, or even going to a football game. Not only was I able to get an outstanding hand warmer at a great price, but the follow up to confirm I received it timely and the tips about usage were equally as impressive.

I've rarely ever been so satisfied with a product before. It fulfills my needs and is priced sensibly, too. If you're like me and have been looking for an effective way to keep your hands warm while still having use of them, I really encourage you to click the link below to order your Kozy rechargeable hand warmer now. Check it out for yourself.

Kozy - the Powerful, Dependable, Affordable Solution for Comfortable Warmth!

~ The Kozy Difference ~ The Kozy difference is based on its ultra-strong built in Lithium batteries - three 7800 mAh! These superior quality batteries are rechargeable up to 500 times. (Most other hand warmers use batteries which are significantly less powerful.)
~ The Kozy Difference ~ The Kozy delivers consistent, reliable heat for up to 10 hours, depending on the settings and features used.
~ The Kozy Difference ~ The Kozy provides comfortable warmth with a maximum surface temperature of between 108-120 Fahrenheit degrees and an adjustable temperature setting.
~ The Kozy Difference ~ The Kozy includes two valuable bonus features - a power bank and an LED flashlight.
~ The Kozy Difference ~ The Kozy comes with a one year product warranty.
~ The Kozy Difference ~ The Kozy is affordably priced when compared to other hand warmers, many with less quality.

Rechargeable hand warmers are perfect for outdoor fanatics such as campers, hikers, and hunters. Athletes of many sports including runners and skiers love them, as do spectators of sporting events! And they're also great for people who suffer from poor circulation. The Kozy by Komfort Solutions is designed to meet and exceed the needs of each of these users. Its strong foundation of high quality powerful batteries and features make it the ideal solution for anyone seeking comfortable, soothing warmth for hours.

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