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One Trick That Takes the Boredom Out of Running and Resistance Training

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The happiest part of training is when it's done -- at least that's how I used to see it. I wanted the physique that a work-out program gives me. But, man, I didn't like even the word "exercising". One discovery transformed all that.

I observed that if I listened to my music while working out, not only did the time seem to go by faster, but I found myself working out more intensely.

So I started grabbing my earbuds and my iPhone (er, iPod, at the time) and jamming to some favorite tunes as I beat feet on that 2-mile trail in my local park. Aside from always having to make sure that my running trunks were the type that had pockets, there was one other pesky problem: That darn phone would flippity flop around in my pocket so much that it was not only exasperating but would sometimes even cause the thing to pause. Now what?

That's when I noticed this thing-a-ma-bob called a "sports armband". Gave that a try.

Didn't work.

I couldn't easily change the volume or the tracks in this Velcro-laden piece of _____ … cloth. Plus it didn't completely cover my phone, leaving it exposed to perspiration and other elements.

Epiphany: Create an armband of our own.

Enter the green "AT" of Access Tone. (Yeah, that iconic emerald symbol is actually the abbreviation "AT", although my wife says that to her it looks like the head of a racehorse -- be that as it may.) The Access Tone iPhone 6 armband is comfy, durable, feather light and stays put on your arm. It also has a touch-sensitive plastic screen that makes it very easy to change songs and crank up the volume without missing a beat. And it does all this while protecting your iPhone.

I enjoy it so much that I started going to the gym, lifting weights and using their treadmills. I have to harken to my gridiron days in high school to find a time when I looked better than I do right now, 36 years later.

Give this a try and see if Access Tone doesn't help you have the body you want. Get it on Amazon.

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Access Tone iSportsBand for Apple iPhone 6 (4.7-inch screen):

- Takes the drudgery out of working out or doing chores.
- Stays put on your arm
- Guards your iPhone from sweat and water drops
- Great fit for iPhone alone or with a thin case (not bulky cases such as OtterBox)
- Key holder
- Crafted with premium-quality, smooth Neoprene
- Stretchable to allow for expanding arms when pumping iron
- Adjustable strap handles arm sizes from small to huge 14-inch biceps
- Free strap lengthener available on request


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