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Tailored Scrabble Tiles for Crafts - Make Fun Unique Creations

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

If you're into crafting like me, you value things that are made by hand. The time and consideration that go into crafting unique gifts and home accents is what makes them special.

When I saw all of the different ways in which people are putting Scrabble Tiles to use it ignited some fantastic projects of my own, so I took to looking for the right materials.

Looking for nice craft supplies is akin to hunting for treasure, and when you discover an exclusive piece, the item is worth so much more than the ticket price. In crafting, it's what the item will become that determines its value.

At the start, I was hesitant to purchase decorative items on the internet since it can be challenging to perceive actual quality and appearance - but sometimes it pays to take the leap - which is definitely the situation with the Scrabble tiles for crafts that I picked up. The seller guaranteed the product quality, and detailed which wood letters would be included so I was assured to get what I needed to realize my ideas, and then some. So I brainstormed other crafts that I planned use the extra pieces for, some inspired by the company's Pinterest page.

When I received the set, I was reassured of my choice because the quality of the wood tiles was what had been promised. The tiles were smooth, lightweight, and had nice wood grain.

Generally, I prefer the firsthand experience of shopping on location, but shopping online is a way for me to discover stuff not available in mainstream hobby stores. Ordering on Amazon is now my favourite way to browse, I'm definitely a fan. Initially it was generic home necessities, and I soon found I could get specialized arts and crafts materials and embellishments too, shipped quickly and guaranteed too.

When I discover an item that stands out from the others I jump on the opportunity, and because of that I get to let my creativity fly. If you enjoy this fun aspect of creating, I urge you to click the link below and order this creative set of Scrabble Tiles right away. Once you try them out I'm positive you will be pleasantly and creatively surprised.

Check out this arts and crafts product now

The Secret to Making Your Crafts One-of-a-Kind
Best Set of Wood Pieces for Your DIY Designs

- 115-piece set
- High grade wood product
- Standard Scrabble letters

You want to make unique, fun handicraft but most wood Scrabble sets are dull, low quality and limited to letters only. Our specially compiled set allows you to make personalized, quality DIY items as favors, home fittings and treasured memories.

GO BEYOND WORDS with these Scrabble tiles: Illustrate what you want to say with symbols and figures. Make neat, handcrafted motifs to give away and show off.

Put YOUR authentic touch on:
- Fridge magnets
- Drink holders
- Scrapbook layouts
- Greeting cards
- Photo frames
- Necklaces, beads
- collages
- Wedding momentos
- Teaching alphabet
- Plus so much more-whatever you fancy!

ENTIRE Scrabble alphabet PLUS Numbers pieces, Figures and Images

- 100 LETTER tiles (like in Scrabble set: A-9 B-2 C-2 D-4 E-12 F-2 G-3 H-2 I-9 J-1 K-1 L-4 M-2 N-6 O-8 P-2 Q-1 R-6 S-4 T-6 U-4 V-2 W-2 X-1 Y-2 Z-1 Blanks-2)
- 10 NUMERICAL tiles (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
- 5 SYMBOL pieces (heart, infant, wedding band, + figure, = sign)

- Made from lightweight wood (Size|Proportions|Dimensions}: 3/4in by 3/4in OR 19millimetersX21millimeters; Thickness: 4millimeters)
- Light-toned wood, quality black printing
- Packaging: Resealable, clear plastic sack for storage and convenience

THE SOLE Scrabble Tile set backed by promise of quality. Unsatisfied with any tile? Contact our company for a substitute. Note: Item fabricated with natural wood - naturally has grain markings and variance in color.

Inaugural offer price! Scoop it up at this discounted price!

Get crafty! Pop this item into your cart straight away. As soon as your order is on the way, get to brainstorming and let your ideas go wild!