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What I Enjoy About The Fruit infusion Water Bottle And Infusing.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

This fruit infusion bottle works well and has us drinking a lot more water and saving dough. There really is no need to purchase costly flavored bottled drinks. An infuser bottle uses pure water and fresh ingredients and can be recycled over and over.

I find that a 1/2 filled sleeve will certainly last for 2-3 refills. Enough to meet my everyday hydration requirements. With the dual strainer and sleeve in the bottle, you can put fruit on the exterior of the infuser basket for more fresh flavours. We have tried adding lemon, blueberry, cucumber, raspberry, watermelon, ginger, grapefruit, melon, strawberry and mint to our infusions with great results.

Finger grips and a sports spout makes it fun to use while drinking in the car, working out, at the office, outdoors, back to school, running, or the gym. You can also hang the strap on your belt or backpack. It's made from Tritan, a clear BPA Free material tested to be FDA safe for use with foods and drinks.

The locking cover makes sure that not a single drop will leak like other infusers. The fruit infuser flip top can be un-locked with one finger. Great for grownups and children.

They likewise provide a Lifetime Guarantee, that includes accidental damage.
Friends and family really love it.

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