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Jump Rope - Jump Ropes For Males, Ladies, Children And Newbies

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why Purchase a JumpMaster Jump Rope?

JumpMaster ropes are inexpensive and portable, developed particularly for workout, fat burning and full physique workouts. Our ropes increase stamina, strength and coordination for all sports, whether you are into boxing, baseball, swimming, wrestling, martial arts, gymnastics, weight lifting, etc
Now You Can Master the Jump Rope Like Rocky and Apollo!
JumpMaster has the "cool" issue. While the crowd are pounding away on treadmills for its cardio, you will be in front of the mirror, iPod cranked, practicing a skill while acquiring a workout.
Order your JumpMaster rope right now, with our one hundred% NO Questions, NO Hassle Money Back/Replacement Assure, and give your workouts an unfair advantage.

Five Reasons Why JumpMaster Speed Jump Ropes are Respected by Crossfit and Weight Trainers!

1. This cable jump rope is the secret to multiple double unders. Our rope is quick, and perfect for low effect exercise.

2. If you are a dedicated athlete wanting to crush your old WOD times, this rope is for YOU. There are diverse varieties of jump ropes, but this is the ideal jump rope for Crossfit WODs, advanced cardio and fitness.

3. Simply resize this adjustable jump rope to suit you completely. Measure the length by standing on the rope, bringing the cable to your shoulders. A snip of a wire cutter, lock the collars tight, and your rope is custom created for you.

4. There is no tangling or kinking. It won't twist or curl due to the high speed metal bearings and lightweight wire cable. The coated, braided steel wire cable offers you superb manage and coordination, producing this the best double beneath jump rope.

five. And of course there is our one hundred% no-hassle no-questions-asked income back guarantee. If there is any problem with your jump rope, we will refund or replace, it's your selection.

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