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Arctic Essentials Pelagic Fish Oil Provides EFA For Brain Health

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Fortunately, Americans are turning a growing number of to health supplements for to match their health. Enough damage has actually been done by prescription drugs that trigger side effects which are then treated with more prescriptions drugs, which then results in a growing number of side effects. It's wonderful to know that more people like me are waking up and selecting natural health supplements like Omega 3-6-9 fish oil.

But it hasn't caught on yet that families begin supplementing together, including supplementation for children, however recently, the news has actually come out that fish oil is the most typical health supplement offer to children.

Fish oil is important for brain function and cognitive efficiency. Think of taking it as a supplement because the time you were in grade school? Maybe then you would not have memory loss like I do in my mid 30s? I take Lumen Naturals Arctic Fundamentals Omega 3-6-9 fish oil and I'm in my 30s. I use to for mind enhancement, however likewise as preventative supplement to prevent high quantities of Triglycerides in my blood cells, and prevention of the hardening of my arteries. It's a victory victory scenario.

I purchase my nutritional health supplements on due to the fact that my regional organic food store does not have a great selection of health supplements for the picking. And, with Amazon Prime I get complimentary 2-day shipping, which is a fantastic value. My favorite vendor of supplements on Amazon is Lumen Naturals due to the fact that they have Arctic Fundamentals fish oil, however likewise a high quality Turmeric Curcumin product that I use daily. Their fish oil provides a lots of sustainably gathered pelagic fish oil per serving at a wonderful price.

Lumen Naturals Turmeric Arctic Fundamentals is a pure Omega 3-6-9 likewise lives up to the business quality standards and more. They are a lovely clear color, and do not have a dubious aftertaste. And I need to tell you that after one month of taking Arctic Essetnials, I can truthfully state my mind feels like it is hopping with vigor. I can easily recall things and my body feels vibrant and great, too!

I have actually constantly been pleased with my nutritional health supplement buy from, and Lumen Naturals has actually met all expectations time and time once more. They provide a threat complimentary purchase by guaranteeing my cash back if I didn't like it, so I had nothing to lose and my top health and wellness to get. So I am a happy consumer of Lumen Naturals now, and I'm a lifelong consumer.

Why change it if it ain't broke?

THE FATTY ACID YOUR BRAIN YEARNS FOR - DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is crucial to optimum brain function. As you age, your brain's capability to soak up DHA decreases and your levels can drop significantly. This literally starves your mind, jeopardizing brain function and memory retention. Nurture your brain with Arctic Fundamentals.
DHA IS PROVEN TO PROTECT THE BRAIN - Scientific research studies have shown a 60 % reduction in cognitive decrease in those who had a routine intake of DHA. In addition, study has actually shown that those dealing with cognitive decrease have drastically lower levels of DHA in their brains. Safeguard the brain with Arctic Fundamentals.
A SUSTAINABLE HARVEST - Lumen Naturals ensures our fish oil originates from fisheries that are committed to sustainability and members of the Sustainable Fisheries Collaboration (SFP). Our end product is produced in the U.S.A. at an FDA accepted facility assuring both purity and freshness so you can trust the quality of Arctic Fundamentals.
OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU - Try Arctic Fundamentals absolutely THREAT FREE! If you do not feel the results, we'll reimburse every cent. No questions asked. Whether you have taken simply one softgel, or the entire bottle. It's that basic. Lumen Naturals guarantees it!
NOURISH AND PROTECT YOUR MIND TODAY! - The excellent news about Arctic Fundamentals is that it is highly bioavailable so it is rapidly taken in into the blood stream. Within days you'll observe quicker thought processes, better memory retention, an energy boost, and more! Purchase 2 or more and get complimentary shipping. Protect your Arctic Fundamentals today!

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