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High Quality Protein Gluten Free Chocolate Cookie Dough Snack Bar Supplies High Fiber, Lasting Energy

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Not All High Protein Snack Bars Are Created Equal!

I recently discovered chocolate chunk cookie dough snack bars from a company called TigerBillsBest that are different from anything I've found. They are made from top superfoods, which contribute 21 grams of high quality protein and 22 grams of prebiotic fiber to each bar. Plus, they supply both quick and long-lasting energy. So I purchased some from, a company I enjoy dealing with because of their great prices, fast shipping, and easy return policy. I also like the way they follow-up to ensure their customers receive their purchases.

A few days after I got my order, TigerBillsBest sent extra information detailing the benefits of their ingredients along with suggestions on various ways to store and use their bars. A nice surprise.

My son was first in the family to taste a bar. I admit that I didn't anticipate much of a response. Usually when a food has such a terrific balance of natural ingredients, it usually results in less than outstanding taste. But, to my surprise, I was wrong. My son liked the bars! I tried one myself and, sure enough, it tasted like a "bad for you" candy bar, chewy and sweet, but without that over-the-top sweetness that lingers too long.

I gave one to my 80+ year old mother-in-law and she said it not only helped her get over her mid-afternoon slump, but the fiber in the bar satisfied her hunger helping her avoid overeating. She said that half of a bar was enough to give her that satisfying full feeling.

I was even more surprised when my better half, who isn't a fan of chocolate or candy, said that she loved the taste of the bar, remarking that the chewiness was addicting.

As a self-admitted health-nut, I can't remember when I've ever been so pleased with any health treat. TigerBillsBest brand snack bars may be the new kid on the block, but their first product is certainly a winner. Their bars not only taste great but they have the ideal blend of macro-nutrients that allows me to keep going all day long, even when I miss a regular meal.

My family and I are definitely hooked on them. I highly suggest you order a case and try them for yourself. I'm sure you will be as pleasantly "hooked" as we are!

Learn more about this at fiber bar/

FINALLY! An excellent tasting Superfoods snack bar that's great for you!

Exactly what's IN our Snack Bar:
- 21 grams protein from whey protein isolate, organic cashews and almonds
- 22 grams prebiotic and chicory root fiber
- Quick energy from organic dates
- Lasting energy from natural carbohydrates
- Antioxidants from cacao dark chocolate
- 86 grams of Top Superfoods in every bar

Exactly what's NOT in it:
- Gluten/Soy free
- Non GMO
- Not baked
- No trans fats
- No sucralose
- No erythritol
- No sugar alcohols
- No artificial sweeteners
- No corn syrup or starch
- No wheat
- No grains
- No hydrogenated oils
- No chemical preservatives or stabilizers
- No synthetic colors or flavors

Perfect Balance of Nutrients to Support Any Lifestyle.
Taste- and performance-tested on individuals of all ages and lifestyles... The decision? It tastes great and increases energy to get rid of mid-day slumps and supplies fuel to power pre- and post-workouts. Children enjoy it too ... just don't tell them it's good for them!

What Makes TigerBillsBest Brand Snack Bar Different?
- Proudly made in the U.S.A with love (no extra charge!).
- Not baked, you get all the nutrients nature planned.
- Made from the very best superfoods with absolutely nothing synthetic.
- Perfect balance of macro-nutrients from Top Superfoods.