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Shilajit: The Fountain of Youth Healing Mineral Book

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Based on Ayurveda, Shilajit is within the family of 'rasayan'. This means it could rejuvenate. In modern society it's also known as 'immunomodulator'. Immunomodulators are medications utilized to aid, manage as well as normalize your disease fighting capability. Further Shilajit is known like a 'medhyarasayan' indicating that it is able to rejuvenate the mental processes of any person. Shilajit is therefore thought to help you in slowing down the inevitable process of aging by rejuvenating the body and mind.

Shilajit is perfectly soluble in water. Legend has it that Shilajit is usually compared to amaretto or nectar coming from God in India. Shilajit is well-known for providing youthfulness to mankind with an entire lifetime!

Note: Edition 2 of this book doubled in size. It NOW includes several COMPLETELY NEW chapters on Shilajit, its origin, uses, research done on it, ayruveda uses, its composition, side effects plus much more.

The name Shilajit has its origins in the Sanskrit language, which essentially means exuding from the rocks. In summers, due to the heat of sun, Shilajit oozes from the rocks of the Himalaya Mountains and down into the Hunza Valley in Pakistan. Shilajit contains more than eighty five minerals all present in ionic form.

The Hunza Pit where Shilajit was abundant had been like "fountain of youth", with many Hunza people living well beyond 100 years old in great health. It was claimed that among the reasons for the longevity on the Hunza people was because of the Shilajit in their water. The Hunza individuals were known as "some of this healthiest and oldest living people within the world".

Shilajit is often in comparison with amaretto or nectar from Lord in India. It is renowned for providing youthfulness to humanity for his entire lifetime. It is used for alternative healing works by using, as a mineral supplement, holistic medicine and is fantastic for weight loss.

This book explains Shilajit minerals in detail. It also gives away many of the Longevity Secrets of the Hunza people.

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