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Consume a Huge Amount of Nutrients with Very Few Calories

Thursday, May 7, 2015

My daughter who is a nurse presented me to chia seeds. She said "Hey Dad! Try this ..." then she handed me a 16 oz. glass with what I thought I acknowledged as floating sediment from a badly washed glass. I looked at her and she said "They're chia seeds!" So I took a lager gulp of the drink as she described how fantastic they were for me. She sent me home with a zip lock bag loaded with them and her follow-on directions:

Take 1 TBSP with a 16 oz. glass of water once a day for a week
Take 2 TABLESPOONS with a 16 oz. glass of water once a day for a week
Take 2 glasses of water in the morning and afternoon with the 2 TABLESPOONS dosage.

An exceptional thing occurred after 7-10 days in the process. It was around 2:00 PM in the afternoon and I didn't remember making coffee that morning. I inspected my preferred coffee mug (typically used 2-3x in the morning) and it was brand spanking clean still in the cupboard. I have not felt the need to have coffee since. No withdrawal signs, no DT's, nothing! I have more energy, lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks and I'm off coffee (an addiction I had for over 30 years!).

I bought my chia seeds from The shipping was lightning fast and the customer service was impeccable. They even send me a message to guarantee that I had actually gotten my bundle as I expected. I am delighted with my purchase and results. They are unbelievable. If you want to try this for yourself the click the link below and tell me how it goes for you. Good luck in your trip to a much healthier life.

"Chia" is derived from the Mayan language and it means "strength". Chia seeds made use of to be described as "Indian Running Food" since they are so stimulating.
- Chia seeds are extremely healthy since they are full of Omega-3 acids, necessary amino acids, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, boron, niacin, 20 % of protein by weight, and vitamins B, D and E.
- They have more anti-oxidants than blueberries.
- It builds stamina and endurance since it steadily launches slow-burning glucose into the bloodstream.

Today, science has actually verified that Chia seeds are exceptionally high in soluble fiber, and have a helpful capability to help the body manage food digestion. When consumed, each seed can take in 9 to 12 times its weight in water, forming a natural gel that encapsulates carbs and slows their breakdown. As a result, Chia seeds assist you feel fuller, hydrate your system over a longer amount of time (for athletic endurance), and significantly slows sugar conversion. A handful of seeds a day for nourishment, a gourd loaded with water, and a warrior or messenger could literally run for days without substantial loss of energy or extreme cravings pangs.
- 1 pound of Chia Seeds in a Resealable Food-Grade Pouch.
- 100 % Organic, Raw, Gluten-Free and Non-GMO.
- High-Quality, Non-Irradiated and Produced Without Pesticides.

Learn more at seeds/