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Spiffy Runners and Workout belt that holds I phone 6 plus

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Life is stressful enough as it is without having to worry over the little, however important actions all of us do every day! In this modern world, for me, that is "Where are my vehicle keys and my cell phone?". No matter what activity I'm setting out to do, I get an awful feeling whenever I believe I have actually lost these important items.

Even when I haven't lost them, it definitely can end up being time consuming to look for them several times a day.

It can likewise be annoying to miss out on those important phone calls as one digs out their cell phone from a purse or pocket!

Having this light-weight easily attachable belt with its easy accessible pouches, assists me get rid of these everyday tensions from my life.

The Spiffy Sports belt is only sold on Amazon at this time and exactly what better place to shop than this; with its wonderful customer support and products delivered to your own doorstep!

Although specifically designed for running and sports activity, this attractive Spiffy Sports Belt lends itself to a wide variety of practical uses. Its adjustable simple Snap-On design is excellent for those short trips to the store, as a money belt for travel or just as a general organizer for when you need some extra pockets for your cell phone, vehicle keys or credit cards.

The larger pouch fits Smartphones as much as the I-Phone 6 Plus. The smaller pouch is large enough for credit cards and vehicle keys.

It has 4 horizontal and 2 vertical loops used to hold fuel cell energy packets. The racing bib connectors (little balls) are spring- packed and adjustable for simple attachment of racing card number placards. The belt is elastic and stretches to ensure a comfy fit for the majority of sizes of people. The elastic belt is 28" at its smallest adjustment and 42" at its largest (without stretch).

.The Spiffy Sports belt is shipped in its own attractive box with a money back guarantee.

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