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The HyperRope Skipping Rope by Bodysculpt -The Best Professional Skipping Rope Available

Thursday, June 11, 2015

As a martial artist, bodybuilder and self-proclaimed exercise fanatic, skipping is a vital part of my everyday workout. Anybody serious about their sport needs to consider adding skipping to their workout as the all-round benefits are enormous and the HyperRope jump rope by Bodysculpt is quite simply the very best on the marketplace. It is designed with the best athletes in mind and you can easily tell that from the quality.

I purchased mine on direct from Bodysculpt because I got the best price at just £11.95 which is the same price as the lower quality plastic ones, plus it had free postage and a full life time guarantee! The Bodysculpt customer care was incredibly polite and they updated me all of the time through my order.

I used to train with a normal cheap wooden handle cotton rope and the difference in speed is enormous. The HyperRope is so fast that I can do moves now that I could never be able to do previously, including double-unders which were almost impossible with a basic rope but are simple with this. I am most impressed by the tough quality materials with all-metal ball bearings and pivots which provide so little resistance that it cuts through the air exceptionally quickly meaning you can train much quicker and harder.

Lots of strength, conditioning and boxing coaches use pricey and intricate training devices to do precisely what a plain jump rope can do for only £10-£15. Pound-for-pound as an overall training device you will be hard-pressed to beat this for value in terms of gains for money spent., This is one of the most convenient, flexible and portable cardio tools available.

There is no need to overlook such an important training tool, I highly suggest you add one of these to your training routine. Whether your are looking simply to tone-up and lose weight or if your are a bodybuilder, athlete or fighter then I highly suggest you to click the link below and check out the HyperRope, you will certainly not be disappointed!

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This is the ultimate professional-quality speed rope you can buy. As utilized by the best athletes.
Made from tough ABS with steel ball bearings and pivots this will certainly last forever
Skipping is among the best and quickest ways to enhance your fitness, stamina, agility and hand-eye coordination, making it an important part of training for boxing and martial arts, runners, professional athletes and bodybuilders.
Bodysculpt's speed jump rope is designed to be the best quality for use by leading expert athletes but can be used by everyone to enhance your abilities in whatever sport you practice.
Lose weight fast and get that perfect lean body! Short extreme jump rope circuits are an exceptionally efficient method to burn fat both throughout and after your workout, just ten minutes of skipping can burn the equivalent amount of calories as 30 minutes of slow cardio.
- Save time changing the length with finger-tight screws. No need to use a screwdriver!
- Our unique metal 'double ball bearing' is not just much quicker, but much smoother and stronger than cheap plastic alternatives, it also extends the life of your rope and makes it a lot easier to use.
- Ergonomic ABS handles are comfortable and light-weight but also super strong and hard-wearing.
- TPU layered steel cables are light-weight, cut through the air incredibly fast for simple double-unders and are kink-resistant for more extreme workouts without any bothersome tangling slowing you down.
We are so confident in the quality of our product that we offer a full, no-quibble LIFE TIME WARRANTY for full assurance. This is the only jump rope you will ever need to purchase.
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