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Motivation Tips Part 8

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

  • Ask for help.
This might include getting your family more involved in household chores or bartering errands and chores with a neighbor. Don’t feel that you have to do everything yourself, especially if you’re also working toward a big goal. Cut yourself some slack and acknowledge that it takes strength to admit you can’t do it all on your own.
  • Thrill to the challenge.
Learn to love the challenge of facing your fears! Immerse yourself in the joy of pushing your limits and bringing sweat to your brow. Eventually you’ll come to truly love the challenge of doing things you’d never have dreamed of doing before.
  • Make it important.
If you’re faced with less-than-interesting tasks that must be done, raise your motivation level by making them the most important things you will do today! Think about the last time you faced a firm deadline and had to really push yourself to finish the work on time. The only reason you were successful was because you knew you didn’t have a choice. You can apply this same concept to any task, regardless of how insignificant it may seem at first.
  • Explore your resistance.
If you can’t seem to motivate yourself no matter what you do, grab a notebook and pen and take a few minutes to brainstorm WHY you don’t feel like doing what you should be doing. Try not to censor yourself as you write; just let the thoughts flow freely. Based on what appears on the page, you should receive some good ideas about why you’re holding back, and therefore be able to work through any feelings of resistance.
  • Take 5.
Try working steadily for at least an hour and then if you’re not feeling the love, give yourself permission to set the project aside temporarily. Simply relax for awhile and see if it helps. If not, take heart; sometimes we’re just not in the mood no matter how badly we wish we were! Remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day and you’ll try harder to build up your motivation then.
  • Release the “how”.
Write a statement what you’re trying to accomplish, and then make a list of action steps that will bring you closer to the goal. Then let go of the rest! Don’t worry about how this will happen or that will happen. Much of it is probably out of your hands anyway! Simply commit to giving your best and taking one step at a time.
  • Make it about the money.
If your goals relate to money in any way, you create a greater sense of urgency by focusing on the ways your financial situation will be impacted by your success or failure. Few things can get a person moving as quickly and effectively as an empty bank account and overdue bills!
  • Make a new start.
If you feel like you’re at dead ends no matter what you do, consider starting fresh again. However, this time, try a different approach. Cut out activities that have proven to be ineffective, or come up with some daring new ideas to put into action.
  • Give yourself a “present.”
Don't allow your focus to be eroded by distractions, worries about the future or regrets about the past. No matter what task you are working on, give it 100% of your focus. Blot out all other thoughts from your mind and focus ONLY on what you’re doing right NOW.
  • Give your brain a workout.
Buy a book of challenging puzzles and keep it near your work space. When you need to tackle an intimidating task, first do a short puzzle and give your brain time to wake up. The more often you exercise your brain, the better able you’ll be able to focus when it counts!
  • Make a decision.
Pick one thing you feel indecisive about and consult your gut about which is the right choice. Don’t over-analyze it and don’t try to figure it out logically. What FEELS right to you? Don’t even worry about WHY it feels right, just acknowledge that it does and go with that hunch. Unless there are millions of dollars attached to your decision, or people’s lives hang in the balance, you may be making a mountain out of a molehill by allowing indecision to hold you back. Don’t be afraid to make a wrong decision; just make one!
  • Ponder the negative consequences.
Ask yourself what will happen if you DON’T achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself this time around. Are you willing to accept the consequences of not taking action? Be aware that though you may face some challenges on the road ahead, they are nothing compared to the hollow emptiness of defeat and resignation.
  • Believe you can!
If you find yourself questioning your own ability to achieve your goals, begin a daily practice of saying that you can do it. The more you can psyche yourself up to begin moving forward, the more your confidence will grow and the less you’ll feel worry and doubt pulling you back.
  • Make it fun.
Come up with ways to make your tasks fun and enjoyable, or make your environment more conducive to fun and enjoyment. You can do this by hanging up lively cartoons or jokes, bringing a touch of silliness into your activities or simply embracing a lighter attitude while you work.

summariased from White Dove Book                                                                                                                                     to be continued...