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Motivation Tips Part 9

Saturday, April 17, 2010

  • Reclaim your power.
See yourself in your mind’s eye and watch a brilliant white light forming in your midsection. Imagine this speck of light beginning to grow larger and brighter as it fills your entire torso with shimmering brilliance. Watch in amazement as it seems to grow in proportion to this light, and see your image growing larger and larger, more and more confident. Then merge mentally with this inner image of yourself, so that you become him or her, and he or she becomes you also. Feel yourself now filled with this same inner light, and know that it represents your inner power and enables you to act swiftly and confidently on anything you desire.
  • Do something early.
Our first impulse is to hold off that which must be done until the last possible minute. One good way to jolt yourself out of inertia is by completing a task before it needs to be done. Usually you’ll feel so good about being ahead of schedule that you’ll want to keep up the momentum and tackle a few other tasks early too!
  • Share your success story with adoring fans.
Imagine that you’re the keynote speaker at an important event, and the audience is dying to hear how you succeeded against all odds. Share your strategies for success, highlight the challenges you faced and reveal the mind-set that enabled you to overcome them. If you really get into this exercise, you should be giggling with delight by the time you’ve finished your “talk” and eager to make it your reality!
  • Build your accountability.
Share the goals you’re working toward and set a time-line for the completion of certain tasks. Ask them to call on a specific day and confirm that you completed them. Obviously, you want to do this only with people who are supportive of your goals – not those who will put you down if you falter. The other way you can do this is by building accountability with yourself. Start by setting a small objective each day, and make sure you complete it. As each day goes by, set a slightly larger objective than the day before. As you keep attaining the goals you set for yourself, you will be strengthening your internal accountability and proving to yourself that you have what it takes to succeed at any goal.
  • Remember the big picture.
Your bigger goal is important to you, otherwise you wouldn’t have made it. Revisit this dream from time to time and remind yourself that the small stuff doesn’t matter, as long as your overall destination is where you want to end up.
  • It’s all about the timing.
Remember that just because you don’t SEEM to be moving forward, there might be movement happening behind the scenes and you just can’t see it yet. Vow to keep moving forward, even if you’re not yet seeing the results you desire, and affirm that when the time is right your dream will be realized.

summariased from White Dove Book                                                                                                                                     to be continued...