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Child Dental Care

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A pediatric dentist is a specialist, trained to care for children's teeth.

The proper care of a child's teeth at an early age is vital. "Milk teeth" maintain the spaces and guide the permanent teeth into their proper places. Therefore, maintaining the dental health of milk teeth is of the utmost importance.

Children can be frightened of the dentist, adults too. That is the reason it is important to pick the best dentist for them. Usually, children will warm to a dentist who is comfortable to be with and whom they trust.

When going to see a pediatric dentist, you will normally find the office set up to cater to the child. Fun games, toys and videos are usually handy to make the child feel more at ease. Also, the dentist, who is specially trained to help children feel comfortable in a dental office, will be very much in communication with the child, explaining what the child can expect. This usually handles any fear the child may have about seeing the dentist. Some children, after they see pediatric dentists, look forward to going to the dentist again!

On the eruption of a child's first teeth, or by one year of age, it is time to bring him to the dentist. This way the dentist can educate the parents in how to care for their child's teeth and can teach them diet. Hopefully then, the child's teeth will grow strong, and the child will have dental well-being for his lifetime.

Children's teeth should be brushed at least twice daily, once following breakfast and then again before bedtime. It is especially important to brush teeth before children go to sleep because saliva production is minimal at that time; any bacteria and acid still in the mouth will be able to do maximum damage.

It's important to keep track of the food your child eats. Avoid unnecessary snacks, especially sugary ones. Many "vitamin drinks" and even juices contain a lot of sugar; they are nearly as bad as soda.

When a child's teeth are well cared for, it gives him good grounding and education, making it probable he will care for his own teeth in the future.

This article was provided by Greenway Dental Group, located in Greenbelt, MD. For information about their pediatric dentistry services, you may visit their page at Dentistry for Children