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The Impacts Of Careers On Your Leisure Pursuits, And How You Can Aim To Balance Them Out.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

At times your Career can seem to make up a large amount of your time, leaving you no time to do the things you love doing. For some this can be a bit of a worry, and negatively impact your life, as you find yourself unable to do the pastimes you love. I am going to look at how this has affected me personally, and what I have done in order to try and handle the situation, to get myself more free time to do the things I love doing.

One the key things I did was find a New career, one closer to home so I wasn’t spending as much time travelling to and from work. This has been a huge help, as in my old job I was sometimes needing to waste over an hour in the car getting to and from work, whereas now my current Career is a short 5 minute journey in the car, and 10 minutes in heavy traffic. This helps free up quite a lot of time over the course of a week, earning you more time to get the housework and such out of the way, and move on to the fun stuff. I am also beginning a New career working from home, with the objective of giving myself even more free time to follow leisure activities, but this is a more long-term project.

Another benefit of searching for New careers which are a bit nearer to home is it permits you to get two birds with one stone – I have discovered the nearness of my new career to my home has allowed me to cycle into work. This is wonderful as it means I am getting loads more exercise than previously, but the commute still is not as big as it was previously. This means I don’t feel as if I also must try and use some of my free time keeping fit, so again more free time for me. Looking for New careers that allow you to work neasr to home can occasionally be hard to find however, so you may need to be willing to relocate in some cases.

Another way I have endeavoured to free up more of my spare time is by implementing a timetable of sorts, and trying to get myself into a set regime of housework. This has helped me a great deal, as it means I am not leaving housework right until the last minute, and then needing to use an entire morning and afternoon finishing the housework, which then means I cannot be bothered to do anything in the evening. I do not keep to the timetable unbendingly, but I have noticed it is very useful to have it as a kind of guide to follow, so work that must be finished is being finished on time and not left until the last minute.

It can be pretty hard to balance your Career and your hobby, and these are just a few of the steps you can take to try and free up more of your time.