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DIY Using Rocking Horse Plans

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A rocking horse is a favorite entertainment device for children. In fact this popular toy continues to give pleasure to an individual at any age. Due to its popularity many woodworking practitioners will at one time or another work on a rocking horse project and will be on the lookout for great rocking horse plans.

Today rocking horse plans are available in plenty all over. You can find many book stores carrying wood working project designs and almost all of them will have the popular rocking horse plans. It seems to be one of the most important basic projects that a skillful wood practitioner will definitely need to master. The internet is another source where you can avail a large plethora of rocking horse plans and designs.

Rocking horse plans are available in all varieties beginning from the basic simple model to more complicated design. So you can either choose to work on a knight's stallion or on a simple circus horse. Plans are also available for a team of rocking horses that rocks in pairs. It is safer to stick to a plan that you are comfortable with - for example beginners should opt for simple designs first before attempting to master horses with more complicated features. Another major factor to consider is the age group of the person for whom you are building the rocking horse. Rocking horse plans typically include measurements which will need suitable alterations to match the frame of the child who will be rocking the horse.

After selecting your perfect rocking horse plan start collecting the material needed. Pine is the most cost effective one and is more popular than maple or oak wood. Paint and varnishes are the final touches that will be needed to complete your rocking horse.

Despite dedicated hard work, there are occasions when you just can't get it right discouraging you immensely especially when you were looking forward to create a handmade toy for your child. All you need to do is purchase a rocking horse kit from the market. These kits include all the frames and pieces in a ready to fix stage and come with detailed instructions in assembling them. Just follow the instructions verbatim and you will see rocking horse emerge from the pieces of wood and frames enabling you to take credit for the perfect rocking horse built by your very own hands.

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