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A Guide to Yacht Charter Airlie Beach Vacation

Friday, March 7, 2014

Airlie beach is one of the main entry points to Australia's most famous tourist spot on the east coast, the Great Barrier Reef. The municipality situation in Queensland is now a fully developed yacht charter haven, but for quite a long time, it was merely a paradise for backpackers, underdeveloped with little accommodation.

The Airlie Beach is situated on a peninsula, acting as an entrance between the mainland and the Whitsunday Islands. But ironically, it's named a "beach" and not great for swimming since its waters are populated by jellyfish. This is the reason why government authorities built an artificial lagoon next to the shore.


This primary tourist haven receives large numbers of seasonal yacht charter travellers that reach millions annually. Foreigners and locals who land at the Prosepine Airport (also known as the Whitsunday Coast Airport) go with the airport. The leading airlines travelling here are Jetstar and Virgin Blue. There are also European airlines making trips to Australia. Getting back to the town could be done by means of bus services catering the airport. But advance booking is not just a prudent move, it is actually a lifesaver during the busiest time of the year.

Though Airlie Beach is not as vast as adjacent towns like Townsville which is actually a metropolitan region, it does have road and rail access, linking it with other cities and towns lying on the east coast like Melbourne and Brisbane.


If you want to include swimming in the Airlie Beach in your yacht charter vacation, it's highly recommended to visit before or after the jellyfish season, which is anytime except October to May. Adjacent reefs make remarkable sailing trips that are preferred by both first-time boat charterers and professional yacht charter skippers, because of its stunning beauty. All the reefs have been explored. Just take a yacht out and go visit the rest of the fascinating Whitsunday Islands.


The great weather in this part of the continent provides unlimited hours of lazing under the sun and yacht charter Airlie Beach visitors can take full advantages of the excellent tropical climate. There are numerous when it comes to accommodation, from backpacking to luxurious hotels. If you are going with your entire household, note that local hotels provide babysitting services and children's programs.


Shopping is also popular. With many stores open 7 days in a week, it can be hard to fight the temptation to purchase at least a couple of trinkets from your yacht charter Airlie Beach escapade. But, it you're not into spending all your cash on novelty items, then you must try the popular Saturday markets on the Esplanade.


As the sun sets, Airlie Beach doesn't sleep, but ironically comes alive with numerous groups of thrill-seeking yacht charter guests. There are pubs, bars, and cafes all along the beach, offering various fun activities, from karaoke to live entertainment.