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Use Wrist Wraps That Are Used By Pros - DON'T MISS

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I had a scary freak accident at the fitness center a couple of years earlier, I was doing a really basic weight lifting workout that the majority of us have in our schedules, traditional bench press. I was however attempting to beat my max and had therefore put on a couple of pounds too heavy than I could handle, my wrist snapped back as I lowered the barbell over my chest, I heard a crack, it broke, and the weights fell downwards on me. It could possibly have ended much even worse than it had though, fortunately I sustained no long-term injury but I was out of the fitness center for virtually 6 months until my wrist was all set for heavy weight lifting once more. This could however easily been stayed clear of by just utilizing a pair of weightlifting wrist wraps to support my wrists. At the time of the accident I had actually never ever planned to use them.. Until the accident happened.

Now I'm practically never ever going to the health club without them, the weightlifting wrist wraps are always in the health bag. And the advantage is that they provide such excellent support that I cannot even notice the previous injury I had years earlier. Simply spectacular, no pain or anything. I use them for all types of exercises today to provide me additional support in; military press, dumbell presses and almost all various other significant exercises, even barbell squats, as the barbell puts a rather high level of stress on the wrists at higher weights.

Pick a pair of wrist wraps that fits you well, if you're lifting heavy you probably want to choose a somewhat longer pair than if you just do lighter training. I can really advise the brand name Nordic Lifting, as they make premium quality weightlifting wrist wraps for almost all sorts of training, whether it be crossfit, lifting weights, powerlifting or other strenuous activity you may perform. Their wrist wraps are a little stretchable and offer excellent support for your wrists. The material is high quality and will last for a very long time. They also provide a 1 year guarantee, have a look at the video above for more information about it and go to their site for even more information!