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A Helpful Guide to an Organized Move

Monday, November 10, 2014

Moving to a new home does not have to be taxing and chaotic. Even if you're not an organized type of person, you can still achieve a successful, organized move with these tips:

1. Start packing your belonging well ahead of time.

People underestimate the actual amount of things they have. Start packing your non-essential stuffs a month before the day of the move. Pack small appliances, extra linens, tools, out-of-season clothes, and decorations. As the scheduled move gets closer, you can start packing the stuffs you could live without for a short period of time as you continue to pack and reduce the load down to the essential stuffs only. Packing up all your things take much longer than you think.

2. Don't include "junk."

Packing is the perfect opportunity to declutter and dispose the things you don't really need. If you do not use it or love it, do not waste your money and time packing, loading, moving, unloading, and unpacking. Donate to charity or sell in a garage sale perhaps a month before the move. Categorize all of your things into three: keep, sell or donate, and toss.

3. Collect boxes and supplies for the move.

You can get boxes from liquor stores, they usually come in different sizes, have handy dividers, sturdy sides, and built-in handles. Specialty boxes are perfect also. Boxes used for wardrobes are a convenient way to organize, store, and move clothes without removing the hangers. Also, use any containers you already own. Use your suitcases, even your crockpot. You can also use {your linens, towels, clean clothes|clean clothes, towels, and linens|towels, clean clothes, and linens|clean clothing, towels, and linens|linens, towels, and clean clothing|clean clothing, bed sheets, and towels|clean clothes, bed sheets, and towels|towels, bed sheets, and clean clothes|clean clothes, bed sheets, and towels to cushion delicate stuffs. You will save money on bubble wrap for doing this.

4. Colour code and label, label, label.

Keep similar items together and be specific. Don't have 40 boxes labeled "miscellaneous." Be specific. Digging through most of them will certainly not be fun! Also, make sure you label the sides of the boxes as well.

5. Prepare a first-night survival box or bag.

Pack one box or bag with all the basics you will need for the first to second night. Label your survival box in a different colour then pack it last so you'll easily find it. It could include one overnight bag clothes, toiletries, phone chargers, shower supplies, basic cooking utensils, etc. Looking for your toothbrush in 40 boxes is frustrating.

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