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Gourmetics 12 inch 304 Stainless Steel Whisk - An Economical, Sturdy Balloon Whisk with Lifetime Warranty

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I'm sure this Gourmetics Kitchens' whisk will make a fantastic meringue, with lovely stiff white peaks. But that won't likely be one of my productions, as I've never really been one for baking pies. So why then would I want to write a review on this particular kitchen tool?

Well, this may appear a little crazy, especially when discussing something as ordinary as a kitchen utensil, however when I realized the number of other terrific uses this sturdy whisk has, I got rather excited.

The Gourmetics Kitchens' whisk really isn't your typical wimpy little cooking tool. This large balloon whisk is a very durable utensil. It's 12 1/2 inches long and has 8 rigid wires made from 2 m. thick, 18/8 stainless steel. The comfortable 5 inch sealed handle is also built from 18/8 stainless steel, all of which makes for quick clean-up. This wire whisk includes a lifetime warranty and has been designed to withstand heavy use.

When I first saw it being put to use, a friend was whipping cooked sweet potatoes and stirring in ingredients to make a sweet potato casserole. While seeing how quickly this whisk moved through the thick potatoes, I could see how durable it is. This rigid wire whisk obviously would have lots of other uses beyond its typical duty in the kitchen!

A resilient balloon whisk like this would be terrific for stirring paint or ceramic glazes in large pails. It would be much more efficient than attempting to stir around paint or glaze with a flat paint stick. And, being made of stainless steel, it will certainly be very easy to clean.

Avid garden enthusiasts who like to mix their own batches of potting soil would also see the value in using this large sturdy wire whisk. It would be terrific for mixing up small batches of soil in a large pail. It would make quick work of breaking up the peat moss and stirring in other materials such as vermiculite, bone meal, limestone, etc.

Home brewers would likewise appreciate having a heavy duty balloon style whisk like this one for stirring their mash and mixing in the malt extract. For a 'brew in a bag' setup a whisk is actually suggested over a steel mash paddle because it doesn't have any edges that may catch and tear the brew bag.

The other big plus with the Gourmetics whisk is that it is available from Although the whisk itself has a lifetime warranty, I really liked the fact that Amazon supplies a money-back guarantee also. That made it an easy buying choice for me, because I knew I could return the product if I had not been pleased with it. Clearly that wasn't the case or I would not be writing this glowing review.

I was also very pleased with Gourmetics Kitchens' customer support. They followed up to ensure that I had received my order in good condition and they even sent me some pointers on how to be successful making meringue. I think I'm really not their normal kind of customer, however I'll pass their pointers on to my friends who make meringue. Then possibly they will thank me with one of their pies.

Whether you're a great cook or more of a hobbyist like me, I urge you to buy one of these terrific whisks for yourself. I'm positive you will discover lots of uses for it and be as happy with it as I am.

No more frustration attempting to use a whisk that won't hold its shape.
Make your mixing tasks easier with a resilient 18/8 stainless steel wire whisk.

- high quality, professional grade wire whisk
- comfortable 5" sealed barrel handle with handy hanging hook
- rust resistant - dishwasher safe
- balloon design - 8 wire whisk
- excellent for blending thicker, heavier substances.

Click the Buy Button now to purchase the Gourmetics Kitchens stainless steel whisk covered by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

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