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Ideal Sports and Running Armband for iPhone 4 & 5 to Help Improve Conditioning

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Do You Run Into These Problems with Having the Body You Dream of?

You fancy a healthier, better-looking bod. But often we need motivation to workout, jog or take that walk. That's the first hurdle.

After the "getting rolling" game, the next hardest part is that last 10 minutes. What a struggle that can be! You strive to hit a certain target heart rate, a number of kilometers or the perfect Yoga Warrior pose. The disparity between so-so results and having the body you truly desire usually comes down to controlling the ole "that's good enough" temptation. (Note: If something doesn't feel right, stop! See a doctor.)

Music arouses us. The right tune at the right moment, and you could almost run through a wall. (Don't actually try it.) Music also pre-occupies your thoughts, making the time speed by.

So we grab our iPhone and load our best workout music. Problem is: The dang instrument bounces around in your pants or falls off your waste band. Sometimes you find yourself just holding the thing in your hand! (That's convenient.)

So the goal was to develop the premium-quality sports and jogging armband that stays in place on the arm, safeguards your instrument, is convenient and provides a comfortable way for you to enjoy your most-inspiring music while you work out. We also wanted to ensure that it's user-friendly to operate device controls, so you can change volume or tunes freely. And it had to have an optimally positioned opening for your earphone plug to slip through and into the jack on your phone.

It also had to have a touch-sensitive screen that yet protects against water and sweat drops. It had to be durable yet ultra soft. If you are like me, you don't have time to deal with things that don't hold up. Finally, it had to be stylish.

This creation is the iSportsBand from Access Tone. It is available for ownership on Amazon.

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Access Tone Sports Armband for Apple iPhone 4, 5, 5s and 5c

iSportsBand Features:

- Stays in place on your arm
- Defends your device from sweat and water drops (not water-proof)
- Perfect fit for iPhone alone or with a thin case (not bulky cases such as OtterBox)
- Key holder
- Constructed of premium-quality, comfortable Neoprene
- Expands to allow for expanding arms when resistance training
- Adjustable strap fits arm sizes from small to big 14-inch biceps
- Free strap lengthener available on request