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How to Choose The Right Funeral Director

Friday, January 30, 2015

If you are arranging a funeral for a loved one, you're the one in charge. The deceased is your responsibility. By law, there are certain things that you must do which a funeral director is prohibited to do. You're expected to register the death and apply for burial or cremation. You should oversee these tasks and you should validate that you actually did.

A funeral director takes care of other things, and only those other tasks that you are allowed to delegate. This is why funeral directors are called undertakers.

Things That Need to be Done

When a person dies, the body ought to be attended to until it can be transported, and "disposed of" (the official term) by a burial or a cremation. There's important paperwork involved in this. If you prefer not to conduct a funeral, direct cremation is ideal.

You can contact a funeral director for all or some of the following things:

A funeral director could get you connected with other providers of funeral services, such as a florist, celebrant, and caterer. He's also permitted to accomplish a certain amount of documentation for you and pay some bills (or disbursements) for you. Such bills include fees for the physicians, celebrant, organist, and burial ground or crematorium. Carefully check all terms and conditions. Keep in mind that you are protected by the consumer laws, so make sure you know your rights and exercise them.

Choosing the Right Funeral Director for You

A funeral director is like an event organiser basically. A competent, reliable funeral director will be able to guide you through tasks that are unfamiliar to you, make some important and practical suggestions, and help you create a heart-felt and memorable send-off for your loved one. Among all of the services funeral director provide, this is by far the most valuable. Some funeral directors are excellent at it. But of course you can perform these jobs on your own if you choose to.

When looking for a good funeral director don't rely on professional qualifications only. The personl you're looking for is likely the one who will listen to you, understands and interprets both your needs and wishes. The right funeral director for one might not necessarily be the right one for somebody else. Make subjective judgements. Trust your gut feeling.

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