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Paracord Grenade Survival Kit A Great Device For An Emergency

Thursday, January 29, 2015

If you were ever stuck in the outdoors would you really be prepared? Exactly what would you need? Well you would need the basics of survival. Water, fire, shelter, and food. That's a lot to bring with you each time you go into the woods.

At least up until I found this useful Paracord "Grenade" Survival Kit by L.A.D. It incorporates almost all those elements into an useful light-weight package that can quickly be clipped onto a belt loop, backpack or jacket. Or you can simply slide it in a pocket. If you ever need it simply relax the paracord and you quickly have adequate products to survive.

To begin with you have the 9 feet of paracord and carabiner it is made from. This can be made use of to construct a shelter, or for a medical emergency, or to make stretcher to bring a victim. It can also be cut and the inner cords be pulled out to enhance the length or utilize the smaller cords for making snares. Then inside the kit are fishing products consisting of 2 hooks, 2 floats, 2 sinkers, and over 35 feet of fishing line. It also consists of a small square of aluminium foil best for signaling, cooking or forming into a water container. It has a small but sharp and reliable knife and best of all a fire starter stick and tinder. Simply scrape some filings onto a few of the cotton tinder, strike the bar a couple of time with the knife and you have fire! It can be made use of again and again and the tinder and fishing products can be kept in the 2 little plastic bags that are inside as well.

This little kit might actually save your life. You won't be staying in luxury but if you ever get stuck out in the woods on a cold dark night and this little survival kit is clipped onto your belt you will certainly be delighted you invested a couple of dollars and had the brains to be prepared. Have a look at it in the link below and let me know what you think.

Keep this useful survival kit around so that you can L.ive Another D.ay
KIT CONSISTS OF: over 9 feet of paracord, sharp eye knife, fire starter stick, cotton tinder, aluminum foil, 2 swivels, 2 weights, 2 fishing hooks with over 9 foot of fishing line each, 2 drifts, and roughly 19 feet of fishing line.
This little survival kit is ideal for hiking, camping, backpacking, searching, or any outdoor activity.
The kit can quickly be clipped to a belt loop, backpack, or brought in a pocket for an unanticipated emergency, or put one in your glove box in case you get stuck in a bad area.
At under 2 ounces you won't even know you are bring it up until you need it.
Copy and paste the following link to see a demonstration.
Includes sharp knife and fire starter. Not appropriate for children.

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