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Avoid These 4 Common Moving Pitfalls

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Moving can be overwhelming and stressful. One mistake could negatively impact the move, and make the experience more challenging, and more expensive. So take note of the following common moving mistakes in order to avoid additional headaches:

1. Thinking you have more time than you actually have: If you haven't experienced moving before, or or you haven't done it for quite some time, you do not remember how long it takes to work on all aspects of the move. When planning a big task, such as a move, working backwards is the best. Confirm the date of the move, whether it is determined by the end of a school term or a rent period, or a house sale. Once the date of the move is determined, count back 8 to 10 weeks. An extra couple of weeks is recommended so you will have ample time to look for reliable movers, plan a budget, and sort all your things out.

2. Not checking at least three moving companies: Contact as many moving companies as you can, 5 is recommended, and then do a careful reference check. Even if you learn that a particular mover hasn't had any unresolved customer complaints it does not necessarily mean that your move will be successful and smooth. But of course that particular mover is more able to manage problems should any develops. Moves can be very tricky. Thing could get broken or go missing, which is not always the fault of the mover. But you could minimize the stress associated with the move if you do background checks prior to asking a mover to come to your place for an estimate.

3. Not carefully reading the contract or paperwork and not asking everything you should ask the movers: This matter is so important to ensure that you're receiving what you should get from the moving company. Learn about the estimates you receive, if there are additional costs for other services they provide and if the insurance will cover your things in case of damage or loss.

When checking the paperwork, another mistake many people make, is not rechecking inventory list to make sure that all items loaded in the moving truck arrive at the destination. This is especially important if your belongings are sharing space on a trailer. It is easy for items to be left behind. If a certain item got lost, do not sign the list of inventory until it's found.

4. Not carefully sorting through all of your things before packing them: Often, this is because the move is done on the last minute. There's no enough time to get rid of unnecessary things. But not taking the time to do so, will force you to spend more time packing, loading, and unpacking all of your unnecessary items. Or worse, the things you do not really need are left in the boxes and just sit in the garage, attic, or basement until the next move.

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