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Flip-in Spandex running belt For hassle-free Security of your On-the-go items During Activities.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I'd spent the past 30 days planning a remarkable proposal to the lady of my heart.
I met Sophia six months ago at a latin dance class where she instructs contemporary dance routines. Being a health specialist, I was immediately stunned simply by her physical fitness and attractiveness. I'd finally discovered my missing rib following a very long search.
It's been several months of relationship already and getting ready to get married .

We often went out on a day-to-day outside run together. I before long planned one of those for our ideal proposal. I'd asked my pals to witness the moment. Everyone was situated at the neighborhoodparking lot.
We had purchased an armband, which seemed like an ideal product for Storing our on-the-go items. "The ring should be kept here" I thought to myself, but unfortunately, I was completely wrong.
The two of us fastened the armband and secured our mobile phones in them then
commenced the every day run.
45 minutes later, we came to the parking lot where my pals were positioned, then I stopped for a break.
After a few seconds of silence, I dropped to a knee and checked out my oval diamond ring, the special gift from grandma just before her dying, but it was missing.

It had slipped from the armband, unseen.

However, I quickly switched plans and pretended as if I had to properly tie my shoelaces. My pals soon noticed that it went wrong and they aborted the objective by discretion.
Everyone except sophie knew that the ring was nowhere to be found. I noticed the looks of dismay in her eyes yet she said no word.

So exasperating!

That evening, I was determined to do it right the 2nd time.
But just how else could I do another special thing?

I immediately rushed to the jeweler to purchase a new ring. I came back home and slept while trying to strategize my new move.

The next morning, I got a mail from my buddy Harry. The mail was titled "get this and run again". It contains a hyperlink of an fitness item but I really was uninterested until I checked the link and accessed the page. A belt with a huge difference

The Flip-in sport storage belt, a special product that comes with a new design function."THE COIN SLOT" completely closes up a compartment of the fit-belt with a zipper and a couple break lines.
Eureka! I screamed aloud just like a wounded lion.
That's my comeback strategy.
I decided to buy two units of different sizes for us.
It was delivered at no shipping cost, absolutely free to our front doorstep 2days after completing the purchase. The packaging was so sleek and we totally loved it.
The customer service was cool!

That evening, I privately kept the ring in the coin slot of the Flip-in fitness belt and locked it .
The next morning, I awoke to prepare for the routine while thinking about the proposal.
Sophie was up earlier, so she had worn her Flip-in belt which was snugly fitted and ready for the run without actually noticing the ring.
She inserted her IPhone 6 plus inside the other large slot and fastened the keys to the key-hook provided. She also took some dollar note and I.D. Everything was set as she went hands-free. I eventually got ready and met her at the front porch.
After one hour of running, we halted to take a break, then the proposal followed as i went down on a single knee and requested her to opened up the zipper, the ring was in the right position and every other item was right. Then followed the magical question.
So dramatic!
The proposal was a huge success as She screamed aloud with a huge YES creating a scene while everybody cheered us.

My Buddy Harry, became the best man for the wedding ceremony especially because he initiated this awesome product.

N.B: At the bachelors Night party, Harry softly said into my ears. "Sophie sent the mail"

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