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Practical Yoga Mat Bag You Can't Leave Home Without

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A mat is vital to any yoga professional, supplying a cushion that secures you from the hard floor. On your way to class or even coming back, you'll definitely want to safeguard your bag the exact same way it secures you. The very best way is to make use of the Elite Trend HQ Om yoga mat bag. The Om Yoga Cargo Bag is also specifically designed to bring accessories.

A lot of yoga mat bags are designed to fit standard PVC mats, which are thinner than custom-made and premium mats. Chances are, if you're searching for a bag, you most likely already have a thicker and wider mat than the standard. Well, guess what? A lot of mat bags will certainly NOT fit your mat.

Another issue also arises. A lot of premium or intermediate mats are made from natural rubber, still enabling bacterial growth.

When selecting a yoga mat bag, you have to look for one that is light-weight, durable, and comfy. It also needs to have terrific functionality.

Elite Trend HQ provides the most popular fitness mat bag found in yoga studios, fitness clubs, and in schools. It holds 1 / 4 inch thick yoga mats and other tools such as foam rollers and towels. The front cargo pocket is the perfect location to keep a water bottle, and it also has 2 extra pockets for your keys and mobile phone.

The bag that you choose to buy have to benefit your mat and other essentials. It is necessary to make certain that the bag you buy consists of all the features that you are searching for. With the Elite Trend HQ Om Yoga Mat bag, staying
organized has never been so easy.

Om Yoga Mat Bag Characteristics:.
One of the most Practical and Stylish Yoga Mat Bag at Your Fingertips.
- Now you can lug your mat, yoga accessories and much more in this stylish OM yoga mat bag.
-The most popular Exercise/Fitness Mat Bag discovered in yoga studios, physical fitness clubs, and schools.
- Protect your mat inside the bag with a full zipper closure; that's a snap to open and close.
- Easy Adjustable Shoulder Strap let's you be in control.
- It holds 1 / 4 inch density yoga mats, or other gadgets such as foam rollers, towels. (26.5" long * 6.5" diameter ).
- The front freight pocket is perfect design for 18oz 2.5 inches diameter canteen. Keep you freshen throughout your workout.
- 2 extra pockets will certainly hold your keys or cellular phone and other workout essentials.

OM Full-Zip Cargo Yoga Mat Carrier by EliteTrend

We developed this bag with durable fabric and strong seams to safeguard our mat from the rain throughout our commute to the studio. We may show up a little damp however a dry mat and a Hot yoga class can bring us to peace and tranquility rapidly.

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