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Arranging a Funeral: Cost-Saving Tips

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Arranging a funeral for a loved one is costly. In fact it's one of the most costly expenses every family needs to make. This is why getting the best deal in every aspect of the funeral arrangement is important. The tips written below can help you save money without compromising the quality of funeral products and services you get.

* A cremation casket could be used for burial and is usually less expensive. A funeral director can't limit its use to cremation only.

* Most funeral homes expect payments from clients for provided services upon the completion of funeral arrangements. This means customers are required to pay for everything when they have made all funeral plans before services are given. Acceptable modes of payment in most funeral homes are these: Life Insurance, Funded Pre-Need Contract, Cash or Check, Payment Plants, Credit Cards.

* Having a viewing or wake on the same day as the interment will cut costs down. You are paying on a per-hour basis, so if you have the wake the night before the interment and then the interment the following day, you'll be charged for the extra time.

* Many funeral homes will require embalming the remains of the deceased if you are going to have a visitation or viewing. But embalming is generally not required by law if the body is cremated or buried immediately after death. Eliminating such process will save you a big amount of money.

* Refrigeration is a less costly option for maintaining a body when there is a certain delay in making the funeral arrangements or while awaiting the funeral service.

* If the body has to be transported via airplane, it is important to appoint the destination funeral home as the main coordinator. They will arrange the travel with the funeral home in the origin, and you can avoid paying the "retail cost" for both funeral homes for the service they render.

* Keep all of the receipts you are given for planning, food, professional help, transportation, etc. Doing so will help you cut down the inheritance tax exposure.

* It is the cemetery and not the law that will dictate the need for burial containers to prevent the ground from sinking. If the cemetery requires a burial container, go for a "grave liner" instead of a "burial vault." It's cheaper but effective.

* If you need more help in arranging a funeral for someone, consider the services provided by a certified funeral director. Visit the team at Funeral Care WA to learn more about quality, affordable funeral services and to meet a reliable funeral director in Perth.