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Zip Nutrition Cookies & Cream Protein Bars - Hands Down The Best I've Ever Had

Friday, April 24, 2015

Like many health-conscious guys my age who frequently hit the gym (I'm 25), I actually like to stick to a low-carb, high-protein diet plan and these bars compliment that completely. Because I'm also allergic to gluten and I attempt to avoid sugars, this can get tricky sometimes however after I discovered the Zip Nutrition bars, these have actually become my one and only selection to preserve a low-fat, high-protein diet plan. I have roommates as well and as most roommates unavoidably do, they stole some and are now purchasing their own boxes. We're all practically connected on these.

I decided to attempt these in the beginning since I saw they were gluten-free however I was also intrigued by the Cookies and Cream flavor. That is not false advertising. These bars are some of the best tasting things| I have in my house. It nearly tastes too great to be true however with 21g of protein and simply 1g of sugar I know my body is getting precisely what it requires after a fitness center session. Because I also discover myself craving something sweet around 10 a.m., these are ideal for getting me through to lunch. The Amazon description also says Zip Nutrition provides a 100 % satisfaction guarantee for any individual not pleased with their bars, however I cannot think of any individual doing that and I believe that is quite clever marketing on Zip Nutrition's part. They know they won't be getting any of these back since they are too great.

If there is any individual out there who may be skeptical about these bars since of the flavor, do not be. There are a lot of brands that offer "candy flavored" protein bars however the Zip Nutrition bars are the real deal.

I have actually never ever fallen for a protein bar, as silly as that may sound, however any individual trying to find something that tastes great and assists you feel great after an exercise needs to get these. I would like these bars over any brand name I have actually tried in the previous 5 years, hands down.



- 21g High Quality Protein
- Only 3g Non-Fibre Carbs!

This Protein Bar Tastes Incredible But What Is Even More Magnificent Is the Nutritional Content
There are few bars on the marketplace who can claim their bar is in fact REALLY helpful for you. So
numerous of them are simply filled with sugar! This bar is for those people who take pleasure in a great tasting snack in between meals however do not want to eat rubbish! It took a long period of time to get best however it deserved the

Made With A Powerful Whey Protein Isolate Blend - Extremely swiftly absorbed into the body

- High concentration of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).
- Whey Isolates are essentially lactose totally free, carbohydrate totally free, fat free} and cholesterol totally free.

We understand you will enjoy these and since of this we offer an extraordinary 30 Day 100 % Fulfillment.
AssuranceIf for any reason you are not completely pleased we will refund your money completely no.
questions asked.

Buy Now and you will not be disappointed! Oh and you may wish to {consider

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