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Sunday, April 4, 2010

  • Get up early.
Getting an early start can often help you feel more motivated, especially if you’re used to sleeping in. Get up at least one hour before you normally do, and get moving! Take a shower, get dressed and begin immediately working on your tasks for the day. You end up feeling like you’ve accomplished a lot more than you would in a typical day.
  • Stay up late.
If you’re an early riser and not used to burning the midnight oil, try saving a complex task for late in the evening. Just switching your normal routine can be enough to energize and inspire you.
  • Wear a symbol of intention.
Choose an item that you can wear as a motivation symbol. It could be anything from a lucky shirt to a favorite hat, to a cherished piece of jewelry that you rarely wear. State aloud that while you are wearing this item, you will always feel very motivated, very inspired, and very productive. Then be sure to put it on every time you feel in need of some motivation. Eventually your mind will make a connection between that item and the feelings of motivation and you’ll be able to slip into a motivated mind-set just by putting on your motivation symbol.
  • Weed your garden, weed your mind.
Spend 30 minutes weeding it. Imagine also weeding out negative thoughts and procrastination from your mind. Affirm that with every weed you pull, you are making room for motivation and inspiration to enter your life. When you’ve finished, look at the pile of weeds and feel great about removing them from your life as you dump them.
  • Give yourself a reward.
Reward yourself when you reach a certain point in your objectives. It doesn’t have to be expensive as it can be as simple as a few hours to relax and do something you love. However, be sure to follow through and really give yourself the reward when you complete what you set out to do! Don’t fool yourself into believing it was just a trick to get you moving; your mind will remember that little deception next time.
  • Avoid doom and gloom.
Beginning today, reduce the amount of time you are exposed to negativity. That means not watching the news for awhile or avoiding toxic people in your life. Begin to your focus on more positive input. Avoid getting in the sludge every day if you can. Over time, this will make you feel more motivated because you won’t be down by the horrible things happening around you. You can’t do much about them anyway, so why burden yourself with them?
  • Do a good deed.
Make financial donations to charitable organizations, or volunteer some time for a worthy cause. Even better is if you can do these things anonymously. There is no greater feeling than doing something kind without a possibility of compensation or recognition. Just one of these acts can make you feel more motivated than you’ve felt in a long time and if you keep doing them on a regular basis the benefits begin to accumulate and you intensify the feelings even more.

summaried from white dove book