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Thursday, April 8, 2010

  • Listen to mind-stimulating music.
Browse selections that you ordinarily wouldn’t be drawn to. You might be surprised to learn that country music makes you feel reflective and insightful, which works well for brainstorming sessions; or opera makes you feel inspired, which helps pump you up for productivity. Also check out alternative music like soothing nature sounds like whale songs, wind chimes, bird songs, babbling brooks, or anything that would soothe and inspire you.

  • Tackle the most difficult tasks first.
Procrastination can only make it worse! Instead, take charge and decide to conquer that one big task you hate to do – and the rest of your day will be smooth sailing.

  • Warm up by taking care of the easy stuff first.
If you just can’t get yourself to tackle that big project, work on some smaller tasks first so you can warm up to the bigger ones. Either way, you’ll get moving – and that’s the whole point!

  • Review and refine your plans.
If you feel nervous about the tasks before you, take a few minutes to review your plans. Create an achievable plan, or improve upon it in any way. Once you’re sure your plans are effective, you find yourself feeling much more confident and ready to move ahead.

  • Color me motivated!
Certain colors can affect your moods. Try wearing the color red to boost your confidence, yellow for mental clarity and intelligence, or orange for mental stimulation and energy. If you’re tense try light blue, green, pink, or white for a calming effect.

  • “Lighten” up.
Try lighting colored candles that correspond to the mood you want to create (same colors as mentioned above). You can also go with scented candles: try bold scents for motivation like cinnamon, lemon, orange, or peppermint. For calming scents try lavender, gardenia, apple, rose or vanilla.

  • Gather your energy.
Sit quietly with your feet flat on the floor and take a few slow, deep breaths. Imagine a large funnel over the top of your head, the narrow end closest to your head, with the larger funnel side opening up above you. See a brilliant golden light streaming down into your funnel and into the top of your head. Feel this light as powerful energy that courses down through every part of your body, soothing away sluggish feelings, and finally leaving through the soles of your feet and returning to the earth. Go through this visualization a few times, and then slowly open your eyes. You should feel clear and grounded, and ready to focus on the business at hand.

  • Think about your past achievements.
If you’re feeling uncertain about your ability to accomplish a big task, take a few moments to remember other things you’ve achieved in your lifetime. Think about challenges you’ve faced, and how you did what you had to do to pull through them. Let these memories inspire you to greater heights now – knowing that if you were able to do those things in your past, you are capable of much more than you think.

  • Eliminate distractions.
If you’re feeling unfocused, try working in a secluded spot, closing the door for some quiet, or even wearing earplugs to shut out excessive noise. Once the distractions are gone, you might find your motivation increasing and your determination returning.

  • Remember your “why”.
Write down your reasons for wanting to make positive changes or pursue greater goals. Read to yourself often to keep them fresh in your mind, and review when you need a mental or emotional boost.

  • Read something inspirational.
Get a few motivational books and make a point of reading a few pages before you start your day. When you feel unmotivated, open one of these books randomly and let your finger fall blindly onto a passage from the book. Read that passage and let it speak to you.

  • Call a friend for support.
If you’ve got a friends who support you in your goals, give them a call! Tell them you’re having trouble getting started (or keeping momentum) and you need a kick in the rear. Tell them to remind you what you are working so hard for, and how excited you sounded the last time you spoke to them. This will only work with friends who support you. You can visit your favorite online forum as long as you know it’s a place where most people are supportive. (Disregard any negative comments and remember that there is always a troublemaker or two hanging around forums!)

  • Expand your vision.
If you find yourself constantly needing motivation to work on your dream or goal, question whether it’s right for you any longer. Have you outgrown the original vision you had? If you set your goal years ago, you need to rethink what you want and see if you can expand on your original dream. You can even start from scratch if your original plans no longer inspire passion; you are a different person than you were even a year ago! Come up with something that you won’t have to work so hard to get motivated to do, and you solve not only your immediate need, but long-term needs also.

  • Watch less television.
Limit your television-watching to a few shows per week; just the ones you REALLY want to see. Don’t keep channel-surfing mindlessly because you’re bored! If you’re bored, get up and do something else. Read something that will get your mind working again, or go out and do something physical. Within a few days of cutting down the amount of time you spend staring blankly at that screen, you’ll notice that you feel much more energetic, and probably more positive too.

  • Try something new.
It’s easy to feel lethargic when we get caught in the same routine day after day. Make it your mission to try something new at least once a week. Visit a new city (even if it’s somewhat local); go to a museum and gaze at great works of art; take a class at your local community college or adult education center; buy a book on painting or sketching and develop a new talent; sign up for dance classes. Whatever you do, don’t allow yourself to sink into a daily grind. Invigorate your life, invigorate your sense of motivation!
summaried from white dove book                                                                                                        to be continued