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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

  • All you need is love.
Even if you don’t love it initially, take some time to think about what the project or task means to you, and the benefits you’ll gain from it. Let yourself to feel excited and emotional about it, and in time you should be feeling ready to get moving.
  • Love yourself.
If loving your project or task isn’t creating the warm feelings you seek, why not try loving yourself for a change? Take a few minutes to admire something about yourself. Write a list of your best attributes and skills, and affirm your ability to do a great job with your current objective.
  • Try a different approach.
If you’re procrastinating on a specific task because it seems unpleasant, take a few minutes to figure out a new plan of action. You may need to break down a larger goal into smaller ones, or you can try approaching the task from a different angle than the one you initially decided on.
  • Check your expectations.
Sometimes we convince ourselves that certain goals are a waste of time, even if we really want to achieve them. Often we have an underlying belief that we don’t have what it takes to achieve our objectives, or we fear that we might make the wrong decision and screw it up. Take a few minutes to explore your feelings about your potential for success. You’ll notice yourself feeling more motivated the more you affirm you can do anything you set out to do.
  • Clean your car.
Did you know that your car is a symbol for movement and progress in your life? Wash the outside, clean the inside, and remove trash or items that don’t belong there. Clean the windows to symbolize greater clarity and foresight, and be sure to vacuum the carpets and seats to suck up stagnant energy.
  • Read or watch something funny.
Laughter is the best medicine. Read a funny book, jokes, or watch a 30 minute sitcom on television. Not only does your body benefit from frequent laughter, you’ll also be lightening your mood which is bound to have a positive effect on anything you do.
  • Play a game.
Playfulness can boost your mood and energize your body. If more than one player is necessary, keep switching your position so you can play against yourself. If nothing else, doing this will make you feel so silly that you can’t help but have a good time.
  • Play with your children and/or pets.
Set aside some time to goof around with your children or family pets. However, be sure to really let go and get into the spirit of it, pretending to have a good time while feeling stressed about the work you “should” be doing won’t accomplish anything. 
summaried from white dove book