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Motivation Tips Part 7

Saturday, April 10, 2010

  • Strive for excellence.
If you’ve been focusing on just “getting stuff done,” of course you feel unmotivated! This is especially true if you are working on a long-term goal or a very big project that will take time to show results. Instead, commit yourself to excellence in everything you do and watch how it elevates your sense of pride and satisfaction. The better you get at each task you accomplish, the more motivated you will be to keep a high level of quality in everything you do.
  • Ingest some bite-sized motivation frequently.
Motivational quotes are a great way to keep yourself feeling excited and passionate no matter what you’re working on – or just to boost your mood before you start each day. You can print your favorite quotes and hang them on the walls, or simply keep a book of motivational quotes nearby and read a few when you need a boost.
  • Get passionate!
Sometimes we just need a little inner fire before we can get motivated. You need to recommit yourself to your goal or find something new that takes your breath away, do what you can to get your heart beating faster and apply that passion to your goals and projects.
  • Get angry or desperate!
If you’ve ever been fueled by anger, you remember how easily you were propelled into action! Desperation can often serve as a powerful motivator. Decide that you can’t stand your current circumstances any longer and decide that you will do whatever it takes to change them. Use your strong feelings of anger or desperation to keep you moving long after you would have ordinarily quit.
  • Get determined!
Sometimes all it takes to get and stay motivated is to set our minds to do something. If you refuse to be held back by obstacles and refuse to buy into excuses and vow to push through anything that threatens to hold you back, how can you possibly NOT make good things happen? It works!
  • Get aggressive!
Most of us start out aggressively pursuing our dreams but then lose steam as time goes on. Either we encounter obstacles that stop us in our tracks, or our determination begins to falter. Instead of letting challenges deter you, make a promise to yourself that you will tackle each challenge with intense aggression. The more forceful you are with setbacks and delays, the more you’ll realize they hold no power over you or your results.
  • Accomplish something . . . anything.
Simply commit to completing one task. Just one! It can be a large or small task, depending on how confident you feel. Once you’ve accomplished one thing, you’ll find it much easier to keep going and work on other tasks and goals.
  • Simplify, simplify, simplify some more.
You may end up feeling burned out and uninspired trying to take on too much at once. Try breaking down large goals. See if you can create some simple shortcuts. The less complex you can make your plans, the more likely you will feel bold and confident as you attempt each phase of them.
  • Focus on one thing at a time.
The tendency to juggle multiple tasks or goals at once should be avoided. While it’s sometimes necessary to do so, try to focus on the least amount of items at a time as you can. You may need to come up with a strict schedule to fit everything in, but by focusing your energy in this way, each step of your journey should seem simple and attainable.
  • Forget perfection!
Rather than striving for perfection the first time around, commit to continuously improving your skills and abilities. Commit to doing something as many times as it takes to get really good at it. Before you know it you’ll be better than you thought you could ever be.
  • Do it for the satisfaction.
Let each action be its own reward, and you’ll never lose motivation.
  • Read success stories.
One excellent way to motivate yourself is to read success stories about people who have accomplished what you are trying to accomplish. Do an internet search for “(your objective) success stories” and see what comes up. Also search for internet forums where you can chat with others who are working toward similar goals.
  • Choose a role model.
Is there a famous person you’d like to emulate, or perhaps a successful person in your own life that you admire? Let them be your role model! Collect stories and published interviews about celebrity role models. Read through this material every day and especially if you need a motivational boost.
  • Mind your language.
If you’re in the habit of putting yourself down even in a joking manner, stop it! You may think it does not matter, and in fact you may think it’s funny to make fun of yourself – but these messages get embedded into your subconscious and they WILL have an effect on you eventually. Instead, start building yourself up with positive talk, even if it feels strange at first. Keep saying that you are capable of accomplishing anything you wish, even if you aren’t yet great at it.
  • Do some research.
To renew your interest, take a few minutes to do some research, either online or at your local library. See if you can come up with some new information or a new technique to incorporate into your plans. If not, simply revisiting information you already know might help you feel more motivated again.
  • Call in some fresh air.
Opening a window in your office or home, wherever you happen to be working at the moment. Try working outside via laptop computer or take an hour to brainstorm with a pad and pen while you let fresh air clear the cobwebs from your mind.
  • Eliminate excessive obligations.
Take a peek at your usual weekly schedule. Are there obligations that you’d rather not do? Is there a way to delegate them to others or eliminate them from your life altogether? If you get rid of the “should’s” you’ll make more room for the “want to’s.”
  • Be grateful. 
Use gratitude to turn your whole attitude around. Start or end your day by listing 5 things you are grateful for. Focus on things that happened that day, forward strides you made, unexpected opportunities, and so on. Before long you’ll be feeling so good that you’ll automatically want to create more great things to be grateful for.

summariased from White Dove Book                                                                                                                                     to be continued...